Look Up. Listen Up. Speak Up. Make a STATEMENT®.

Our claim is an attitude.

You probably know the 3 emoji monkeys from your smartphone. 🙈 🙉 🙊
But what do these mean?

The three monkeys have their origins in a Japanese proverb and stand there for dealing with «bad things». In the western world, the meaning of the proverb «see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing» has changed and evolved into «close one's eyes to something (such as the truth)».

But in today's modern times, as intelligent and emotional beings, do we simply want to overlook the «bad» or «truth», not listen and say nothing? If we do this, everything stays the same and nothing new emerges, no progress, no development, no improvement…

As you can see from our monkeys, they are the antithesis of the so-called denier monkeys. They have their eyes open and look, they have their ears pricked up and listen.

Applied to our nutrition and the products of food in today's industrialized world, we are firmly convinced that with our current level of knowledge and the technological possibilities, we can completely do without animal products, as plant-based (alternative) products are in absolutely no way inferior to animal products!

Maybe you have also learned something about vegan nutrition from Netflix, Youtube & Co. If you haven't yet, then take a look at the Netflix documentary «the game changers». The striking but ingenious film shows the disadvantages of animal nutrients compared to plant-based alternatives.